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Australian Diamond Way Retreat Centre Project

The Australian Diamond Way Retreat Centre Project is about creating an endless source of inspiration for Buddhist practitioners from around the world.

Retreat centres create the ideal conditions for meditation practice, and unify the Sangha on both regional and national levels.

They are becoming increasingly important vehicles for bringing the Sangha together across broad distances, throughout the Southern Hemisphere, and throughout the world.

This will be a place where friends can meet to deepen their meditation practice away from the distractions of modern life, while strengthening friendships and building trust through time spent together.

This retreat centre will form a vital part of the international non-profit network of over 700 Diamond Way Buddhist centres of the Karma Kagyu Lineage.

These centres were founded by Hannah and Lama Ole Nydahl to realise the wishes of  their teacher – the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa Rangjung Rigpe Dorje who died in 1981.

They are today under the spiritual authority of the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa Trinley Thaye Dorje.



Our vision is for a rural property in the Tyalgum/Mount Warning area of Northern New South Wales owned by Diamond Way Buddhism Australia, where Lama Ole Nydahl’s students from around the world can live and practice together.

Lama Ole Nydahl quote:

“Look for land that … opens up to the east. Find something leaning against [it] and looking out. It should have some water …

“You have my total blessing.

“I am really very happy about this – there is massive blessing on this area.”

Lama Ole expressed his thoughts on how such a property might help build Diamond Way Buddhism in the Southern Hemisphere:

“Looking east from there [the volcano area], you have Latin America, where we have a lot of growth, and then South Africa.

“I would like to see a band of energy go around that way, and having a place there would strengthen the southern axis.

“It would really strengthen us and everybody would look the same way.

“This would be very good and a [great] reason for doing it.”


This property will enable Diamond Way Buddhism Australia to:

  • practice the Diamond Way teachings according to Lama Ole’s wishes
  • establish a living community where Buddhist practitioners can be born, live and die
  • offer daily meditations, weekend courses throughout the year and host national courses
  • afford opportunities for individual and group meditation retreats
  • offer a communal space and kitchen where we can share meals
  • incorporate best-practice sustainable land management principles


When Lama Ole Nydahl was asked about a site for a rural Buddhist Retreat Centre, he identified the area around the Mount Warning volcano in Northern NSW. The site is located near the Queensland border, where he had earlier conducted the 1998 Australian Death and Dying (Phowa) course. During the 2015 Mahamudra Course held nearby in Ballina, Lama Ole recalled:

Lama Ole Nydahl quote:

“I had some very strong experiences with the area and was quite impressed by the energy there.

“I think meditating there would simply be good. You would have a very strong help for the inner energies from the outer energies.

“That will bring real gain.

In 2015, following the Course, Lama Ole visited the area around Mount Warning. Upon his arrival to and departure from the site, clouds opened up and the sun illuminated a specific area. Lama Ole said this was ‘very auspicious’ and that this marked the ideal location for the property.

Lama Ole visited a property, which leans against the Volcano caldera looking east. Lama Ole was so enamoured with the property, he immediately asked if we could buy it. But he emphasized that all of Australia would need to be fully behind the project for all the necessary conditions to be present.

Two weeks later, many Diamond Way friends visited the area. They were also very inspired by the landscape and the great possibilities for our work. That particular property sold before we were able to raise the necessary funds, but we continue our search nonetheless.


What we are looking for

We are looking for a property that:

  • Has flexible council zoning, permitting a wide variety of land use
  • Is large enough to accommodate national courses
  • Has good access to water
  • Is close to an airport with competitive flight prices like the Gold Coast (under one hour drive away).


The rolling hills, river flatlands and sub-tropical climate of the Tweed Valley Tweed Shire lie in the north eastern corner of New South Wales on Australia’s East Coast.

It comprises an area of approximately 1,303 square kilometres, and is encircled by three mountain ranges – the McPherson Range in the north, the Tweed Range in the west and the Nightcap Range in the south.

The area has one of the highest levels of biological diversity in Australia.

National Parks, sub-tropical and temperate zones overlap in a unique environment to provide spectacular rainforest scenery with natural streams, brooks, and abundant bird and wildlife.

A broad range of wildlife is found throughout the Shire. The area is home to a large number of rare and threatened fauna and flora species.

Tweed Shire is the first place on the Australian mainland to be touched by the morning sun, and the Pacific Ocean forms the eastern border of the Shire.

Mount Warning (1,156m high) – named by Captain James Cook in 1770 – is the remnant core of the Mt Warning volcano, which went extinct 20 million years ago.

The steep rim of the volcano’s caldera surrounds Mount Warning at a radius of approximately 15 kilometres, making it the Southern Hemisphere’s largest extinct shield volcano, opening up towards the east.

Our fundraising aim

Let's make it possible

Property in this area is highly sought after and generally sells quite quickly. The type of property we’re looking for sells for between $600,000 and $1million dollars.

When the right property becomes available, we will need to move quickly and have the money secured before making an offer. We must act now if we are to make our Lama’s wish a reality and for this we need everyone’s support.

You’re invited to contribute your donation to help secure the property for Diamond Way Buddhism Australia now and into the future.



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Be part of it!

By buying a piece of the puzzle you will be supporting our project and contributing to the purchase of the Australian Retreat Land in the Mt Warning Volcano area.

Every piece of the puzzle entitles the bearer to one night’s stay at the future Australian retreat centre (outside planned courses).

A piece of the puzzle costs AUD 108 or approximately EUR 78.

You can buy as many pieces as you like for yourself, your friends, your Sangha.

To buy puzzle piece(s) please fill out the form below and transfer money to account (see details below the form).

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ACC Name: Diamond Way Canberra
BSB: 062903
ACC: 10178646
IBAN: 062903 10178646
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If you are donating from outside Australia,
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